Available Scholarships


This scholarship will be awarded to a CITC graduate to attend the certificate in construction management program at the University of Washington. The total amount of the scholarship will be $6,000. This scholarship is to be used by the awardee to partially cover tuition for courses in the UW certificate program in construction management.


To be qualified for the NAWIC scholarship, recipients must be a registered CITC Apprentice enrolled in school. Recipient must also be located in Spokane, WA or the surrounding area.

Please contact Ken Hill for more information if interested in applying for the NAWIC Scholarship.

Gene Harder Scholarship for College Tuition Assistance

Individuals may apply for the college tuition assistance scholarship, intended to support students with a desire to further their construction career with a related four-year college degree.

Scholarships are awarded on the basis of the following criteria:

  • Academic Performance
  • Course of Study
  • Essay Questions
  • Extra-Curricular/Community
  • Service Activities
  • Employment and Internship
  • Experiences
Gene Harder Scholarship for Need Based Assistance

Active CITC students in good standing may apply for this needs-based scholarship, intended to help students supplement the financial needs of attending school while working on the job.

Scholarships are awarded to applicants who are able to submit a statement of need and are currently registered as a craft training student attending classes with CITC.

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