Painting Program
General Painting Is Considered One Of The Few Industrial & Commercial Labor Jobs That Allow Workers To Set Their Own Schedule

CITC’s Painting Program offers interested students the necessary skills and knowledge needed to start a career in Industrial, Commercial, and Residential Painting. This is a three-year, theory/competency-based course that requires all students to pass both written and performance tests. Classes run for four hours and are generally held once a week. Students who successfully complete all three levels are awarded a Certificate of Completion to Journey-Level.

Students of CITC’s comprehensive Painting Program will learn the technical knowledge, code, and theory required to be a General Painter. Specialized classes are available throughout all three levels of the curriculum, and will cover a myriad of topics such as Painting Safety, Identifying Surface/Substrate Materials and Conditions, and Color and Tinting. CITC students will also have full access to the Painting Program laboratory and equipment.

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